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About ClearSK

The ClearSK Group’s mission is to partner our customers in their pursuit of wellness and aesthetics. The ClearSK Aesthetic Clinics operate under the medical division of the Group. Offering more than 100 treatment options, our medi-advisors will design the ONE combination therapy to address each customer’s concern and his or her skin & body types. The Group has invested in business units operating independently under different management teams to offer a one-stop solution to our customers.

Singapore Branches

Since 2008, we have been an award-winning legacy brand in Singapore. Our outlets are located in key locations of Orchard Road shopping district, Raffles Place of CBD Banking district, Novena Medical Center as well as central residential areas in Westgate Mall and
Hougang. We offer one of widest range of minimally invasive medi-aesthetics services.

Overseas Franchisees

We are proud to announce that not only are we an established Aesthetics Superstore in Singapore, but we are also an International Aesthetics Group with centres located in Shanghai and Hangzhou!

With multiple centres in Shanghai and Hangzhou, including a 30,000 sq ft hospital, ClearSK has garnered recognition and accolades for its transformative beauty services.


Medical Division

In helping you pursue wellness, beauty and confidence, we combines the art of beauty with the science of dermatology. Our Medical Team developed a highly integrated system of doctor-personalized treatments to perfect face, body and hair using clinically-proven treatments available only in aesthetic clinics. Since 1999, our doctors have performed numerous treatments. You are in safe hands.

Medi-Aesthetics Division

Our aesthetics program combines the best of medical technology and spa-like comfort to treat your concerns. Our therapists are professionally trained by our medical team. We provide a comprehensive range of affordable treatments which can be individually tailored using latest medi-grade equipment to rejuvenate your skin and reshape your body. After treatment, we have a wide range of home-care products to maintain treatment results.

Medi-Aesthetics Division

We believe beauty is beyond skin deep. To achieve optimal treatment results, we go beyond the skin and fat tissues to treat the cause of these skin, body and hair conditions. We believe that beauty encompasses good nutrition, exercise and positive mental outlook. We aspire to help you feel beautiful from inside out. We strive to provide health education via our e-newsletter, health talks, forums, and videos through our websites and social media.



Award Winning International Medical Aesthetic Group – A showcase of our never-ending strive towards providing our customers with a holistic experience


ClearSK aspires to be the trusted partner of our customers in their pursuit of wellness, beauty and confidence. Therefore, ClearSK not only provides smart and holistic solutions based on medical expert guidance & medical technologies, but also with our professional team at our management, headquarters & frontline.

Mr Daniel Then
Chief Executive Officer
ClearSK Healthcare

Mr Then is a 1985 Colombo Plan Scholar and CPA (Singapore & Australia) with Masters in Accounting from Monash University Australia. Before joining ClearSK as Group CEO, he spent 15 years in high level accounting, finance and tax planning.
He brought a wealth of financial and healthcare experience into his first business venture, having served as a deputy cluster chief in the National Healthcare Group, Finance Ministry (taxation), EDB Investments, Ernst & Young and as  CFOs of Singapore listed companies, and a financial director in a leading logistics NOL-APL Group.

Dr Shiau Ee Leng
Chief Medical Advisor ClearSK Healthcare

Dr Shiau has more than 15 years of medical experience in general medicine dermatology and aesthetics. In 1999, she founded ClearSpring Clinic in Bukit Panjang, with a practice in family medicine and dermatology. She oversees the clinical and treatment protocols to ensure ClearSK offers the highest standards of aesthetics and wellness services.

Our Headquarters Team

Support for the front line team, our headquarters team consists of the Corporate Development, Operations, Human Resources and Marketing & Sales.

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